Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
Video and Audio
AAC requires a license for both encoding and decoding. AAC is the least complicated and most widely used codec. If
achieving the best possible audio quality is a priority, AAC is the recommended codec to use. An AAC license is included
in the Axis product.
G711 is an unlicensed standard codec that is useful when integrating audio into a VoIP system
G726 is an unlicensed speech codec that is most commonly used within the security industry.
Opus is an unlicensed codec that is used for interactive real-time audio transmission over network.
If recording audio to edge storage, such as an SD card or network share, use AAC encoding.
The Sample rate denes the number of times per second the sound is sampled. A higher sample rate will provide better audio
quality, but also requires a greater bandwidth.
Set the required Bit rate depending on the selected encoding. A higher bit rate will give better audio quality. A lower bit rate
may have latency or delay, but will require less bandwidth.
For more information about these settings, please see the online help
Audio Output
An external speaker can be connected to the Audio-out connector (a built-in amplier is required for this). The output can be
connected to another amplier with speakers. A stereo connector must be used for the audio out.
Congure the audio output settings under Video & Audio > Audio Settings.
Output gain - Control the volume of the line audio output. If the sound is too low, choose a higher dB value. If the sound is
too high, choose a lower dB value.
Audio Clips
An audio clip is a sound le that can be played when events occur or directly from the Live View page. The audio clip must rst be
uploaded to the Axis product or recorded by a microphone connected to the product.
To add, download, modify or remove audio clips, go to Video & Audio > Audio Clips. For more information see the online help
To congure the Axis product to play audio clips when an event occurs, an action rule must be set up. For more information,
see Events on page 39.
Audio clips cannot be used if the product’s audio functionality is enabled. The audio functionality is enabled on the Audio
tab under Video & Audio > Video Stream.