Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
AXIS Video Motion Detection
Using the Application in an Action Rule
The following example shows how to congure the Axis product to record video when AXIS Video Motion Detection 3 detects motion.
1. Insert an SD card in the Axis product, or go to Setup > System Options > Storage in the Axis product’s webpages and
congure the product to use a network share.
2. Optionally, go to Setup > Video & Audio > Stream Proles and create a stream prole to use for recording.
3. Go to Setup > Events > Action Rules and click Add to create a new action rule.
4. From the Trigger drop-down list, select Applications and then select VMD 3.
5. Congure other settings as required. For example, to only record video during certain time periods, select a Schedule.
6. Under Actions, select Record Video from the Type drop-down list.
7. Select the stream prole and storage device to use and congure the pre- and post-trigger times.
8. Make sure that the rule is enabled and then click OK.
To appear in the Trigger list, the application must be started and its status must be Idle or Running.