Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
System Options
Certicates are used to authenticate devices on a network. Typical applications include encrypted web browsing (HTTPS), network
protection via IEEE 802.1X and secure upload of images and notication messages for example via email. Two types of certicates
can be used with the Axis product:
Server/Client certicates - To authenticate the Axis product.
CA certicates - To authenticate peer certicates, for example the certicate of an authentication server in case the Axis product is
connected to an IEEE 802.1X protected network.
Installed certicates, except preinstalled CA certicates, will be deleted if the product is reset to factory default. Preinstalled
CA certicates that have been deleted will be reinstalled.
A Server/Client certicate can be self-signed or issued by a Certicate Authority (CA). A self-signed certicate offers limited
protection and can be used before a CA-issued certicate has been obtained.
To install a self-signed certicate:
1. Go to Setup > System Options > Security > Certicates.
2. Click Create self-signed certicate and provide the requested information.
To create and install a CA-signed certicate:
1. Create a self-signed certicate as described above.
2. Go to Setup > System Options > Security > Certicates.
3. Click Create certicate signing request and provide the requested information.
4. Copy the PEM-formatted request and send to the CA of your choice.
5. When the signed certicate is returned, click Install certicate and upload the certicate.
Server/Client certicates can be installed as Certicate from signing request or as Certicate and private key. Select Certicate
and private key if the private key is to be upload as a separate le or if the certicate is in PKCS#12 format.
The Axis product is shipped with several preinstalled CA certicates. If required, additional CA certicates can be installed:
1. Go to Setup > System Options > Security > Certicates.
2. Click Install certicate and upload the certicate.
Audio Support
Select Enable audio support to allow clients to retrieve audio streams from the Axis product. For information on how to congure
audio settings, see Set Up Audio on page 23.
Deselecting this option will disable audio globally in the Axis product, for congured events and proles with audio as well.
Date & Time
The Axis product’s date and time settings are congured under System Options > Date & Time.
Current Server Time displays the current date and time (24h clock). The time can be displayed in 12h clock in the text overlay (see
To change the date and time settings, select the preferred Time mode under New Server Time: