Axis Communications Q7411 Camera Accessories User Manual

AXIS Q7411 Video Encoder
5. Reinstall the product, referring to the Installation Guide.
If the emergency recovery procedure does not get the product up and running again, contact Axis support at
Symptoms, Possible Causes and Remedial Actions
Problems setting the IP address
When using ARP/Ping
Try the installation again. The IP address must be set within two minutes after power has been
applied to the product. Ensure the Ping length is set to 408. For instructions, see Assign IP Address
Using ARP/Ping on page 50.
The product is located on a
different subnet
If the IP address intended for the product and the IP address of the computer used to access the
product are located on different subnets, you will not be able to set the IP address. Contact your
network administrator to obtain an IP address.
The IP address is being used
by another device
Disconnect the Axis product from the network. Run the Ping command (in a Command/DOS
window, type ping and the IP address of the product):
If you receive: Reply from <IP address>: bytes=32; time=10...
this means that the IP address may already be in use by another device on the network.
Obtain a new IP address from the network administrator and reinstall the product.
If you receive: Request timed out, this means that the IP address is available
for use with the Axis product. Check all cabling and reinstall the product.
Possible IP address conict
with another device on the
same subnet.
The static IP address in the Axis product is used before the DHCP server sets a dynamic address.
This means that if the same default static IP address is also used by another device, there may
be problems accessing the product.
The product cannot be accessed from a browser
Cannot log in
When HTTPS is enabled, ensure that the correct protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) is used when attempting
to log in. You may need to manually type http or https in the browser’s address eld.
If the password for the user root is lost, the product must be reset to the factory default settings.
See Reset to Factory Default Settings on page 60.
The IP address has been
changed by DHCP
IP addresses obtained from a DHCP server are dynamic and may change. If the IP address has
been changed, use AXIS IP Utility or AXIS Camera Management to locate the product on the
network. Identify the product using its model or serial number, or by the DNS name (if the name
has been congured).
If required, a static IP address can be assigned manually. For instructions, see the document Assign
an IP Address and Access the Video Stream on Axis Support web at
Certicate error when using
IEEE 802.1X
For authentication to work properly, the date and time settings in the Axis product should be
synchronized with an NTP server. See Date & Time on page 49.
The product is accessible locally but not externally
Router conguration To congure your router to allow incoming data trafc to the Axis product, enable the NAT-traversal
feature which will attempt to automatically congure the router to allow access to the Axis
product, see NAT traversal (port mapping) for IPv4 on page 53. The router must support UPnP
Firewall protection
Check the Internet rewall with your network administrator.
Default routers required
Check if you need to congure the router settings from System Options > Network > TCP/IP >