Behringer BUC400 Digital Camera User Manual

Ultimate Bass Chorus Eects Pedal
Thank you for showing your condence in us by purchasing the BEHRINGER ULTRA BASS CHORUS BUC400.
This ultimate eects pedal is specically designed to match the range and applications of bass guitars.
Thanks to its high-performance features you get super thick chorus with unbelievable stereo eect.
The chorus eect slightly detunes the original signal. A very pleasant detune eect is created relative to
the pitch variation. The chorus eect is often used for dispersing signals.
1. Controls
(1) The LEVEL control adjusts the output level.
(2) The LOW FILTER control lowers the amount of ultra-low frequencies in the eect signal to achieve
more dened tone and avoid muddiness of sound.
(3) The RATE control determines the chorus eect speed.
(4) Turn up the DEPTH control to achieve a more full and deeper eect sound.
(5) The ON/BATT LED illuminates when the eect is activated. It also serves as a battery level indicator.
(6) Use the footswitch to activate/deactivate the eect.
(7) Use this ¼" TS IN connector to plug in the instrument cable.
(8) The two ¼" TS connectors OUT A and OUT B send the signal to your amp. Use both connectors if
you want to achieve full stereo chorus eect. For mono use just plug in OUT A.
Use the DC IN connection at the front of the unit to plug in a 9 V power supply (not included).
The BATTERY COMPARTMENT is located underneath the pedal cover. To install or replace the 9 V battery,
press the hinges with a ballpen and remove the pedal cover. Be careful not to scratch the unit.