Bosch Appliances LBC1259/00 Camera Accessories User Manual

Communications Systems | LBC 1259/00 Universal Floorstand
LBC 1259/00 Universal Floorstand
u Multi-purpose, lightweight aluminum stand
u For mounting a loudspeaker, wireless access point
or Integrus radiator
u Double-braced folding base
u Reducer flange for different mountings
u Hand-adjustable
This universal floorstand provides effective mounting
solutions for loudspeaker installations, a Wireless
Access Point of the DCN-Wireless system, or a radiator
of the Integrus digital language distribution system.
They are manufactured and finished to the same high
standards as all Bosch products, assuring excellent
quality and guaranteed compatibility throughout the
range. The LBC 1259/00 is suited to a wide range of
applications where a secure yet transportable
mounting solution is required.
Adjustable and safe
The LBC 1259/00 floorstand is hand-adjustable using a
spring-loaded locking screw for heights between 1.4
and 2.2 m (4.6 and 7.2 ft). An extra safety bolt on the
support can be tightened to ensure the stand remains
This lightweight stand has a double-braced folding
base for extra strength, and a wide leg span to ensure
The floorstand is standard supplied with a 36 mm
(1.42 in) reducer flange with an M10 x 12 threaded pin
to mount different sized equipment, and with an M10
knob to fix the Wireless Access Point mounting
For storage and ease of transport, a carrier bag is
available with two inside compartments with separate
zippers for holding two universal floorstands
(LBC 1259/00). The bag, with Bosch logo, is made
from sturdy black weather-proof nylon. Two handles
are fitted for carrying the bag by hand or over the
LM1-CB Carrier Bag (optional)