Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

Live View ShootingN
Each time you press the <B> button, the information display will
About the Information Display
ISO speed
Shots remaining
Exposure level
Shutter speed
AE lock
Picture Style
Battery check
Flash exposure compensation
Live View exposure
(C.Fn IV -7)
When the [6Live View function settings] menu’s [Grid display] is set
to [On], a grid will appear to make it easier to align the horizontal or
vertical shot.
When [8C.Fn IV -7] (Live View exposure simulation) is set to
[1:Enable(simulates exposure)], the Live View image will be displayed
with the brightness level simulating the exposure setting. This enables
you to see how the exposure looks before taking the picture. (p.163)
The histogram (p.118) will be displayed only when C.Fn IV -7-1 has been
set. If flash is used or bulb is set, the histogram will be grayed out. The
histogram may not be properly displayed in low light or bright light conditions.
During Live View shooting, if the < > warning icon (temperature
increase warning) is displayed, see page 107.
Possible Shots During Live View Shooting
* The figures above are based on a fully-charged BP-511A and CIPA
(Camera & Imaging Products Association) testing standards.
Temperature At 23°C / 73°F At 0°C / 32°F
Possible Shots Approx. 170 Approx. 130