Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

When the camera is ready to shoot, press the <B> button and
“Camera set.” and “Shoot. func.” will appear.
When “Shoot. func.” is displayed, you can set the ISO speed and other
shooting functions while looking at the LCD monitor.
Display “Camera set.” and
“Shoot. func.”
Press the <B> button.
X The button toggles between the two
Display one of them.
On the [5 INFO button] menu, you
can either display [Camera set.] or
[Shoot. func.].
B Checking Camera Settings
Camera Settings
Date/Time (p.41)
(p.70, 71)
(p.61, 62)
Auto rotate display (p.126)
Shooting mode registered
under the Mode Dial’s w, x,
and y positions
(p.57, 28)
Auto power off (p.42)
Color temperature (p.69)
Red-eye reduction (p.100)