Canon 1901B004 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Setting the Image-recording Quality
The RAW image is the data output by the image sensor and converted to
digital data which is recorded on the CF card as is. The RAW image is
transferred to a personal computer where software (provided) is used to
adjust the image as needed. From the RAW image, the software can develop
and generate the adjusted image in the desired type such as JPEG or TIFF.
This is a small RAW image which is one-fourth (approx. 2.5
megapixels) the size of a normal RAW image. As with RAW images,
sRAW images can be developed and adjusted with the provided
software. This image type is handy when you do not need a very high
resolution as a normal RAW image.
The maximum burst during continuous shooting indicated on the
preceding page is the number of continuous shots that can be taken at
one time based with a 1 GB CF card. The maximum burst depends on
the image-recording quality, drive mode, subject, CF card brand, and
other variables.
It is displayed in the viewfinder on the
bottom right. If the maximum burst is 99
or higher, “99” will be displayed.
About RAW
About sRAW
Maximum Burst During Continuous Shooting
The maximum burst is displayed even when a CF card is not in the
camera. Make sure that a CF card is loaded before taking a picture.
The maximum burst for <o> is displayed regardless of the drive mode
If the viewfinder displays “99” for the maximum burst, it means the maximum
burst is 99 or higher. If 98 or lower is displayed, the maximum burst is 98 or
lower. If you stop the continuous shooting, the maximum burst will increase.
After all the captured images are written to the CF card, the maximum burst
will be as listed on the preceding page.