Canon 1901B014 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Setting Custom FunctionsN
Custom Functions
C.Fn I: Exposure
1 Exposure level increments
2 ISO speed setting increments
3 ISO expansion
4 Bracketing auto cancel
5 Bracketing sequence
6 Safety shift
7 Flash sync. speed in Av mode
C.Fn II: Image
1 Long exposure noise reduction
2 High ISO speed noise reduction
3 Highlight tone priority
C.Fn III: Auto focus/Drive
1 Lens drive when AF impossible
2 Lens AF stop button function
3 AF point selection method
4 Superimposed display
5 AF-assist beam firing
6 AF during Live View shooting
7 Mirror lockup
C.Fn IV: Operation/Others
1 Shutter button/AF-ON button
2 AF-ON/AE lock button switch
3 SET button when shooting
4 Dial direction during Tv/Av
5 Focusing Screen
6 Add original decision data
7 Live View exposure simulation
The Custom Functions whose numbers are shaded do not function
during Live View shooting. (Settings are disabled.) With C.Fn III -2, only 2
and 5 will be effective.