Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

2 Download the images.
Download the images using the camera or
the computer. By default, the downloaded
images are saved into the [My Pictures]
Placing a check mark here causes this
window to automatically open when the
camera and computer are connected.
You can adjust the settings, such as the type
of image downloaded and the destination
folder, by clicking [Preferences].
First Time Camera is Connected to a Computer
Set the following settings the first time you connect the camera to the computer. These
procedures are not required from the second connection onward.
Select [Canon CameraWindow] when a
dialog (Events dialog) similar to that on
the right displays and click [OK].
Your camera model name or [Canon
Camera] will appear here.
Different programs may display
according to your computer setup.
If this Events dialog does not appear, click the [Start] menu and select
[All Programs] or [Programs], followed by [Canon Utilities],
[CameraWindow], [PowerShot - IXY - IXUS - DV 6] and
[CameraWindow]. Page 17 Tuesday, November 22, 2005 12:19 PM