Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

3 Set the categories as you feel necessary.
4 Click [Print].
The Print window will now open.
5 After setting the number of copies, and other settings, click [Print].
6 After the printing finishes, click to close the window.
This chapter explained the ImageBrowser basics.
Once you have mastered them, try the advanced techniques.
Using the Software on the Macintosh Platform
Advanced Techniques (p. 52).
A PDF-format manual for ImageBrowser is also available. It provides further
information about the program's features and procedures. See Using the PDF
Manuals (p. 2).
Selects a printer.
Selects options such as the paper size
and orientation when you click
[Page Setup].
Configures the auto trimming
Place a check mark here to print the
shooting dates/times with the
Sets the number of copies printed.
Click this button to switch between
images if you selected multiple
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