Canon 28 Camera Accessories User Manual

Reinstall the driver.
11.Reinstall the driver with the procedures in Installing the Software and USB
Driver (p. 11).
Windows Me/Windows 98 SE
Check to see if the camera is being recognized as an “other” device and
delete the driver if it is.
1. Click the [Start] menu and select [Settings], followed by [Control Panel].
Double-click the [System] icon.
This will display the System Properties window.
2. Click the [Device Manager] tab.
3. Click the symbol beside the [Other devices] and/or [Imaging devices]
category. Your camera model name or [Canon Camera] will display in these
categories if it is being recognized as an “other” device.
4. Select your camera model name or [Canon Camera] and click [Remove].
5. Click [OK] in the confirmation dialog.
Delete all instances of your camera model name or [Canon Camera] if it
appears in one or more places in the [Other devices] or [Imaging devices]
6. Click [OK] to close the System Properties window.
Delete the setup information files.
7. Double-click the [My Computer] icon on the desktop, followed by the [C:]
drive, [WINDOWS] or [Windows] folder and [INF] or [Inf] folder.
There are other potential reasons for the problem if the “Other devices”
or “Imaging devices” categories do not appear or your camera model
name or [Canon Camera] does not appear. Proceed to Step 6,
temporarily quit the procedures and investigate the other potential
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