Canon ETT555 Camera Accessories User Manual

Basic Use of the ETRA Canon Digital Video Camcorders
Before you start recording
1. Choose the display: Viewfinder or LCD screen
Use the viewfinder in order to conserve battery power. It raises and pulls out.
When you’re using the viewfinder, fully close the LCD or rotate LCD so that it faces
the same direction as the lens.
2. Load the tape cassette:
Slide the OPEN/EJECT switch on the bottom of the camcorder to release the cassette
compartment cover.
Insert a cassette gently with the window facing the grip belt, and the REC/SAVE tab up.
Press the PUSH mark on the compartment until it clicks, and wait for it to close.
Click the cover back into place.
To record
1. Remove the lens cap.
2. Press the small button on the POWER switch and hold, turn the POWER switch to CAMERA.
The camcorder automatically sets to record pause mode.
PAUSE appears in the display.
The camcorder power indicator lights up and the confirmation beep sounds.
The camcorder will turn off if you leave it in record pause mode for more than 5
minutes. To return to record pause mode, turn the POWER switch to OFF and then
back to CAMERA.
3. Make sure the TAPE/CARD switch is set to TAPE.
4. Slide the program selector (inside the LCD display pocket) to , if necessary.
This selects the camcorder’s Easy Recording program. It allows you to simply point and
shoot without making any manual adjustments.
5. Press and release the start/stop button once to begin recording.
6. Press and release the start/stop button again to pause recording.
The camcorder returns to record pause mode and PAUSE reappears in the display.
You can stop and restart recording as often as you like by pressing the start/stop button
(this creates a “cut” and does “in camera editing”).
To check that the camcorder is recording correctly, make a test recording first.
You cannot monitor the sound from the speaker when recording.
When you have finished recording:
1. Replace the lens cap.
2. Return the viewfinder to its retracted position.
3. Return the LCD screen flush to the camcorder body.
4. Go to an editing station or unload the cassette.
5. Turn the POWER switch to OFF.
6. Plug in the charger so that the next person has a full battery.