Canon LIDE25 Security Camera User Manual

1. Checking the Package Contents
1 Scanner
2 Quick Start Guide
3 CanoScan Setup Utility CD-ROM
4 USB Interface Cable
5 Stand (CanoScan LiDE 60 only)
2. Installing the Software
1 Place the CanoScan Setup Utility CD-ROM in the drive.
The CanoScan Setup Utility main memu will display.
When auto start setting fails to work:
1 For Windows XP, click [Start] menu and then [My computer]. For other Windows systems, double-click
[My Computer] icon on the desktop.
2 Double-click [CanoScan] CD-ROM icon and [Setup] icon to display the main menu.
1 Double-click [CanoScan LiDE 25] or [CanoScan LiDE 60] CD-ROM icon on the desktop.
2 Double-click [SetUp] icon to display the main memu.
2 Click [Install] on the main menu.
“Install” window will display.
3 Click [Install] on the “Install” window.
4 Follow the on-screen message prompts to continue the installation.
5 When “Installation completed successfully” displays, click [Restart].
3. Unlocking the Scanning Unit
Push the lock switch to the unlock mark ( ).
• Do not tilt the scanner more than 90 degrees from horizontal when releasing the lock.
4. Connecting the Scanner
Connect the scanner to the computer with the supplied USB interface cable.
• Only use the USB interface cable provided with the scanner. Use of other cables may lead to a malfunction.
• The scanner does not have a power switch. The power is activated as soon as the computer is turned on.
• When CanoScan LiDE 60 is connected to the USB 1.1 port on Windows XP and “HI-SPEED USB Device Plugged into
non-HI-SPEED USB Hub” message appears, ignore the message. The scanner operates in this condition without problems.
5. Try Scanning
1 Place an item to be scanned onto the document glass.
2 Start ArcSoft PhotoStudio.
Select [start], [(All)Programs], [ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5] and [PhotoStudio 5.5].
Double-click [Applications] folder, [PhotoStudio] folder, and then [PhotoStudio] icon.
3 Click [File] menu, [Select Source] and select the scanner model.
4 Click the acquire icon or click [File] menu and select [Acquire]. ScanGear CS will start.
5 Select a Select Source option and click [Preview].
6 Click [Scan]. The final scan will start.
7 Click the close box (Windows) or (Macintosh) in the ScanGear CS window, and save
the scanned image in the PhotoStudio window.
For more information about ScanGear CS, click button and refer to the Scanning Guide (HTML format manual).
6. Using the Scanner Buttons
7. Setting the Stand (CanoScan LiDE 60 only)
1 Position the scanner directly above the stand on a slight angle.
2 Adjust the scanner into an upright position until the latch clicks into place.
For more information using the scanner on the stand,refer to the Scanning Guide (HTML format manual).
8. Try the Additional Features
Refer to the Scanning Guide (HTML format manual) for further information about the scanner. Double-click the Scanning
Guide icon to view the manual.
To read the User’s Guide for the bundled application programs (PDF format manual), select [Reference Manual] on the
main menu of CanoScan Setup Utility CD-ROM.
5 4
ScanGear CS window
COPY Button
Prints (copies) the scanned image with a printer.
PDF Button (CanoScan LiDE 60 only)
Saves the scanned image as a PDF file.
SCAN Button
Forwards the scanned image to the image editing
program, ArcSoft PhotoStudio.
E-MAIL Button
Attaches the scanned image to a new e-mail
1 2
Quick Start Guide