Cisco Systems OL-21636-01 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco IP Solution Center L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet User Guide, 6.0
Chapter 2 Setting Up the ISC Services
Creating Named Physical Circuits
Note The new device or ring added is always placed after the device selected, while a new device or ring
inserted is placed before the device selected.
Each line on the Point-to-Point Editor represents a physical link. Each physical link has five attributes:
Source Device
Source Interface
Destination Device (must be an N-PE)
Destination Interface
Note Before adding or inserting a ring in an NPC, you must create a ring and save it in the repository. To obtain
information on creating NPC rings, see the Cisco IP Solution Center Infrastructure Reference, 6.0.
Source Device is the beginning of the link and Destination Device is the end of the link.
Step 2 Click Create.
The Create a Named Physical Circuit window appears.
Step 3 Click Add Device.
The Select a Device window appears.
Step 4 Choose a CE as the beginning of the link.
Step 5 Click Select.
The device appears in the Create a Named Physical Circuit window.
Step 6 To insert another device or a ring, click Insert Device or Insert Ring.
To add another device or ring to the NPC, click Add Device or Add Ring. For this example, click Add
Device to add the N-PE.
Step 7 Choose a PE as the destination device.
Step 8 Click Select.
The device appears.
Step 9 In the Outgoing Interface column, click Select outgoing interface.
A list of interfaces defined for the device appears.
Step 10 Choose an interface from the list and click Select.
Step 11 Click Save.
The Named Physical Circuits window now displays the NPC that you created.
Creating a Ring-Only NPC
To create an NPC that contains only a ring without specifying a CE, perform the following steps.
Step 1 Choose Service Inventory > Inventory and Connection Manager > Named Physical Circuits.