Cisco Systems VC220 Security Camera User Manual

Data Sheet
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Cisco VC220 Dome Network Camera
As a small business owner, seeing what is happening in and around your
business can be critical for your company’s operations, finances, safety, and
security. To help safeguard your business assets, employees, and customers,
you need effective video surveillance both day and night.
Designed for the unique needs of small businesses, the Cisco
VC220 Dome Network Camera is a flexible,
unobtrusive video surveillance solution that delivers premium camera features and outstanding video quality at an
affordable price (Figure 1). This indoor camera functions effectively day and night, with a wide dynamic range (WDR)
that allows you to use a single camera with high video quality output for many lighting situations. It integrates easily
with your business network to provide local and remote video surveillance. As part of a complete IP network solution,
the Cisco VC220 can help your business see more ways to improve operations, safety, and security. The Cisco
VC220 Dome Network Camera lets you:
View live video and audio of your business from anywhere, day or night, using an Internet-connected PC
or mobile phone
Integrate alarms, door sensors, motion detectors, and other business systems into your video solution
Receive automatic alerts, including video clips or still images, whenever motion is detected on your premises
Rapidly search video archives and configure and control your camera with the included video monitoring
Mount the camera on a ceiling or wall
Figure 1. Cisco VC220 Dome Network Camera