Epson ELPLL02 Camera Lens User Manual

Users Manual for ELPLL02 Long-Focal Length Zoom Lens
This long-focal length zoom lens is designed for use only with EPSON
multimedia projectors.
It makes it possible to increase the distance between the projector and
the screen.
Please read this manual completely before use to assure maximum per-
Note that illustrations may differ slightly from your actual product.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Safety Precautions
To assure that this product is used safely, and to help prevent dam-
age or injury, the following symbols are used in the manual. Please
read this manual thoroughly before use to ensure safety and opti-
mum performance.
Ignoring this warning, or implementing the content in-
correctly, could result in injury or even death.
Memo Important information, such as additional
explanations, key points to remember, and
things to avoid doing.
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