EverFocus EM500NH P1 Digital Camera User Manual

1/3” Square Metal Case
DSP Color CCD Camera
Operation Instructions
Model No.
EM500NH P1, P3, P4
Please read this manual first for correct installation and operation. This manual should be retained
for future reference. The information in this manual was current when published. The
manufacturer reserves the right to revise and improve its products. All specifications are therefore
subject to change without notice.
1. Do not install the camera near electric or magnetic fields.
Install the camera away from TV, radio transmitter, magnet, electric motor, transformer,
audio speakers since the magnetic fields generate from above devices will distort the video
2. Never disassemble the camera nor put impurities in it.
Disassembly or impurities may result in trouble or fire.
3. Never face the camera toward the sun.
Direct sunlight or severe ray may cause fatal damage to sensor and internal circuit.
4. Keep the power cord away from water and liquid.
Touching the wet power cord may result in electric shock.
5. Never install the camera in areas exposed to water, oil or gas.
Water, oil or gas may result in failure, electric shock or fire.
6. Cleaning
Do not touch the surface of sensor by hand directly. Use a soft cloth to remove the dirt from
the camera body. Use lens tissue or a cotton swab and ethanol to clean the sensor and the
camera lens.