IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

Symptom-to-FRU index
This index supports Netfinity 3500-M20 – Type 8657 serv-
1. Check the configuration before you replace a FRU.
Configuration problems can cause false errors and
2. The default configuration can be loaded by starting the
system and then pressing the reset button four times,
waiting 15 seconds between each press. Once the
configuration has reset to the default, it must be saved
in Setup to be stored in CMOS.
3. For IBM devices not supported by index, refer to the
manual for that device.
4. Always start with “General checkout” on page 1.
The Symptom-to-FRU lists symptoms, errors, and the possi-
ble causes. The most likely cause is listed first. Use this
Symptom-to-FRU index to help you decide which FRUs to
have available when servicing the computer. The POST
BIOS displays POST error codes and messages on the
Beep symptoms
Beep symptoms are short tones or a series of short tones
separated by pauses (intervals without sound). See the fol-
lowing examples.
Note: One beep after successfully completing POST indi-
cates the system is functioning properly.
Beeps Description
1-2-3 One beep
A pause (or break)
Two beeps
A pause (or break)
Three Beeps
4 Four continuous beeps
Beep/Symptom FRU/Action
write/read test
1. Battery
2. System Board
checksum failed)
1. System Board