IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

About this manual
This manual contains diagnostic information, a Symptom-to-
FRU index, service information, error codes, error mes-
sages, and configuration information for the Netfinity 3500-
M20 – Type 8657.
Important: This manual is intended for trained servicers
who are familiar with IBM PC Server products.
Important safety information
Be sure to read all caution and danger statements in this
book before performing any of the instructions.
Leia todas as instruções de cuidado e perigo antes de exec-
utar qualquer operação.
Prenez connaissance de toutes les consignes de type
Attention et
Danger avant de procéder aux opérations décrites par les
Lesen Sie alle Sicherheitshinweise, bevor Sie eine
Anweisung ausführen.