IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

Diagnostics 31
pnt0-24 add_intr_handler failed! Vector already
shared at different IPL.
Explanation: The interrupt request (IRQ) that
was specified, or the IRQ that was found,
conflicts with other devices in the server.
Modify the hardware settings.
Run the NETCONFIG program to search
for another Ethernet controller.
pnt0-26 The DMA number is not necessary for PCI
Explanation: The IBM Netfinity 10/100 Fault
Tolerant Adapter does not require a DMA
Action: Edit the SPACE.C file to delete the
DMA parameter.
pnt0-29 The IRQ number is already in use.
Explanation: The specified I/O address is
already in use.
Action: Run the NETCONFIG program to
modify the hardware settings.
pnt0-31 I/O address is not necessary for the PCI
Explanation: The I/O address specified is not
Action: Remove the assigned I/O address
specified for the Ethernet controller.
Table 5. UNIX LLI driver messages for the Ethernet