JVC GR-D350EW Digital Camera User Manual

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A Yellow to VIDEO IN (Connect when your TV/
VCR has only A/V input connectors).
B Red to AUDIO R IN*
C White to AUDIO L IN*
D Black to S-VIDEO IN (Connect when your TV/
VCR/VDR has S-VIDEO in and A/V input
connectors. In this case, it is not necessary to
connect the yellow video cable.)
* Not required for watching still images only.
The S-Video cable is optional. Be sure to use the
YTU94146A S-Video cable. Consult the JVC
Service Centre described on the sheet included in
the package for details on its availability. Make sure
to connect the end with a core filter to the camera.
The core filter reduces interference.
1 Make sure all units are turned off.
2 Connect the camcorder to a TV or VCR as
shown in the illustration.
If using a VCR, go to step 3.
If not, go to step 4.
3 Connect the VCR output to the TV input,
referring to your VCR’s instruction manual.
4 Turn on the camcorder, the VCR and the TV.
5 Set the VCR to its AUX input mode, and set
the TV to its VIDEO mode.
6 Start playback on the camcorder. (pg. 21)
To choose whether or not the following
displays appear on the connected TV
Set “DATE/TIME” to “ON” or “OFF”.
(pg. 23,26)
Time Code
Set “TIME CODE” to “ON” or “OFF”. (pg. 26)
Indications other than date/time and time code
Set “ON SCREEN” to “OFF”, “LCD” or “LCD/TV”.
(pg. 23,26)
It is recommended to use the AC Adapter as
the power supply instead of the battery pack.
(pg. 14)
To monitor the picture and sound from the
camcorder without inserting a tape, set the
camcorder’s Power Switch to
“REC”, then set
your TV to the appropriate input mode.
Make sure you adjust the TV sound volume to its
minimum level to avoid a sudden burst of sound
when the camcorder is turned on.
Connections To A TV Or VCR
To S connector
S Cable
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