JVC GR-D350EW Digital Camera User Manual

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The camcorder’s Full Range AF system offers
continuous shooting ability from close-up (as
close as approx. 5 cm to the subject) to infinity.
However, correct focus may not be obtained
depending on the shooting condition. In this
case, use the manual focus mode.
1 Set the Power Switch to “REC”.
2 Set the recording mode
to “M” (pg. 14)
3 Press FOCUS. The
manual focus indicator
4 Press or to focus
on a subject.
When the focus level
cannot be adjusted any
further or closer, “ ” or “ ” will blink.
5 Press SET. Focus adjustment is complete.
To reset to Auto Focus
Press FOCUS twice.
Manual focus is recommended in situations
listed below.
When two subjects overlap in the same scene.
When illumination is low.*
When the subject has no contrast (difference in
brightness and darkness), such as a flat, one-
colour wall, or a clear, blue sky.*
When a dark object is barely visible in the LCD
monitor or the viewfinder.*
When the scene contains minute patterns or
identical patterns that are regularly repeated.
When the scene is affected by sunbeams or light
reflecting off the surface of a body of water.
When shooting a scene with a high-contrast
* The following low-contrast warnings appear
blinking: , , and .
Manual exposure control is recommended in the
following situations:
When shooting using reverse lighting or when the
background is too bright.
When shooting on a reflective natural background
such as at the beach or when skiing.
When the background is overly dark or the subject
is bright.
1 Set the Power Switch to “REC”.
2 Set the recording mode to “M” (pg. 14).
3 Set “EXPOSURE” to “MANUAL” in
FUNCTION Menu (pg. 24)
The exposure control Menu appears.
4 To brighten the image, press . To darken
the image, press . (maximum ±6)
+3 exposure has the same effect as the backlight
compensation. (pg. 29)
–3 exposure has the same effect as when
(pg. 32)
5 Press SET or . Exposure adjustment is
To return to automatic exposure control
Select “AUTO” in step 3.
You cannot use the manual exposure control at
the same time when “PROGRAM AE” is set to
“SPOTLIGHT” or “SNOW” (pg. 32), or with the
backlight compensation.
If the adjustment does not cause any visible
change in brightness, set “GAIN UP” to “AUTO”.
(pg. 23, 24)
Manual Focus
Manual focus
Exposure Control
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