JVC GR-D350EW Digital Camera User Manual

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It is also possible to transfer still/moving images
to a PC with a DV connector by using the
software equipped with the PC or commercially
available software.
If you are using a Windows
XP, you can use
Messenger to conduct video
conferences over the Internet, using a
camcorder. For details, refer to the help for the
It is recommended to use the AC Adapter as
the power supply instead of the battery pack.
(pg. 14)
When using a DV cable, be sure to use the
optional JVC VC-VDV206U or VC-VDV204U DV
cable depending on the type of DV connector
(4 or 6 pins) on the PC.
The date/time information cannot be captured into
the PC.
Refer to the instruction manuals of the PC and
The still images can also be transferred to a PC
with a DV connector-equipped capture board.
The system may not work properly depending on
the PC or capture board you are using.
Connection To A Personal Computer
PC with DV connector
To DV connector
Core filter
Core filter
DV cable
When connecting the camcorder to a PC
using a DV cable, make sure to follow the
procedure below. Connecting the cable
incorrectly may cause malfunctions to the
camcorder and/or the PC.
Connect the DV cable first to the PC, and then
to the camcorder.
Connect the DV cable (plugs) correctly
according to the shape of the DV connector.
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