JVC GR-D350EW Digital Camera User Manual

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Battery Packs
The supplied battery
pack is a lithium-ion
battery. Before using the
supplied battery pack or
an optional battery pack,
be sure to read the
following cautions:
To avoid hazards
...do not burn.
...do not short-circuit the terminals. When
transporting, make sure the provided battery cap
is attached to the battery. If the battery cap is
misplaced, carry the battery in a plastic bag.
...do not modify or disassemble.
...do not expose the battery to temperatures
exceeding 60°C, as this may cause the battery to
overheat, explode or catch fire.
...use only specified chargers.
To prevent damage and prolong service
...do not subject to unnecessary shock.
...charge in an environment where temperatures
are within the tolerances shown in the chart
below. This is a chemical reaction type battery —
cooler temperatures impede chemical reaction,
while warmer temperatures can prevent
complete charging.
...store in a cool, dry place. Extended exposure to
high temperatures will increase natural discharge
and shorten service life.
...fully charge and then fully discharge the battery
every 6 months when storing the battery pack
over a long period time.
...remove from charger or powered unit when not in
use, as some machines use current even when
switched off.
It is normal for the battery pack to be warm after
charging, or after use.
Temperature Range Specifications
Charging: 10°C to 35°C
Operation: 0°C to 40°C
Storage: –20°C to 50°C
The lower the temperature, the longer recharging
Charging times are for a fully discharged battery
To properly use and store your cassettes, be
sure to read the following cautions:
During use
...make sure the cassette bears the Mini DV mark.
...be aware that recording onto prerecorded tapes
automatically erases the previously recorded
video and audio signals.
...make sure the cassette is positioned properly
when inserting.
...do not load and unload the cassette repeatedly
without allowing the tape to run at all. This
slackens the tape and can result in damage.
...do not open the front tape cover. This exposes
the tape to fingerprints and dust.
Store cassettes
...away from heaters or other heat sources.
...out of direct sunlight.
...where they won’t be subject to unnecessary
shock or vibration.
...where they won’t be exposed to strong magnetic
fields (such as those generated by motors,
transformers or magnets).
...vertically, in their original cases.
LCD Monitor
To prevent damage to the LCD monitor, DO
...push it strongly or apply any shocks.
...place the camcorder with the LCD monitor on the
To prolong service life
...avoid rubbing it with coarse cloth.
Be aware of the following phenomena for
LCD monitor use. These are not
...While using the camcorder, the surface around
the LCD monitor and/or the back of the LCD
monitor may heat up.
...If you leave power on for a long time, the surface
around the LCD monitor becomes hot.
The Benefits Of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Lithium-ion battery packs are small but have a
large power capacity. However, when one is
exposed to cold temperatures (below 10°C),
its usage time becomes shorter and it may
cease to function. If this happens, place the
battery pack in your pocket or other warm,
protected place for a short time, then re-
attach it to the camcorder.
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