JVC GR-D350EW Digital Camera User Manual

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Main Unit
For safety, DO NOT
...open the camcorder’s chassis.
...disassemble or modify the unit.
...short-circuit the terminals of the battery pack.
Keep it away from metallic objects when not in
...allow inflammables, water or metallic objects to
enter the unit.
...remove the battery pack or disconnect the power
supply while the power is on.
...leave the battery pack attached when the
camcorder is not in use.
Avoid using the unit
...in places subject to excessive humidity or dust.
...in places subject to soot or steam such as near a
cooking stove.
...in places subject to excessive shock or vibration.
...near a television set.
...near appliances generating strong magnetic or
electric fields (speakers, broadcasting antennas,
...in places subject to extremely high (over 40°C) or
extremely low (under 0°C) temperatures.
DO NOT leave the unit
...in places of over 50°C.
...in places where humidity is extremely low (below
35%) or extremely high (above 80%).
...in direct sunlight.
...in a closed car in summer.
...near a heater.
To protect the unit, DO NOT
...allow it to become wet.
...drop the unit or strike it against hard objects.
...subject it to shock or excessive vibration during
...keep the lens directed at extremely bright objects
for long periods.
...expose the lens and viewfinder’s lens to direct
...carry it by holding the LCD monitor or the
...swing it excessively when using the hand strap or
the grip.
...swing the soft camera case excessively when the
camcorder is inside it.
Dirty heads can cause the following
...No picture during playback.
...Blocks of noise appear during playback.
...During recording or playback, the Head Clog
Warning indicator “ ” appears.
...Recording cannot be performed properly.
In such cases, use an optional cleaning
cassette. Insert it and play back. If the cassette
is used more than once consecutively, damage
to the video heads may result. After the
camcorder plays back for about 20 seconds, it
stops automatically. Also refer to the cleaning
cassette’s instructions.
If, after using the cleaning cassette, the
problems still exist, consult your nearest JVC
Mechanical moving parts used to move the
video heads and video tape tend to become
dirty and worn out over time. In order to maintain
a clear picture at all times, periodic check-ups
are recommended after using the unit for about
1,000 hours. For periodic check-ups please
consult your nearest JVC dealer.
Serious malfunctioning
About moisture condensation
You have observed that pouring a cold liquid
into a glass will cause drops of water to form on
the glass’ outer surface. This same
phenomenon occurs on the head drum of a
camcorder when it is moved from a cool place
to a warm place, after heating a cold room,
under extremely humid conditions or in a place
directly subjected to the cool air from an air
Moisture on the head drum can cause severe
damage to the video tape, and can lead to
internal damage to the camcorder itself.
If malfunctioning occurs, stop using the unit
immediately and consult your local JVC
The camcorder is a microcomputer-controlled
device. External noise and interference (from
a TV, a radio, etc.) might prevent it from
functioning properly. In such cases, first
disconnect its power supply unit (battery pack,
AC Adapter, etc.) and wait a few minutes and
then re-connect it and proceed as usual from
the beginning.
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