JVC GZ-HM960U Camera Accessories User Manual

[] 3D display warnings (for GZ=HIV1960)
Fatigue or discomfort may be experienced ifyou view 3D images for a long period of
When viewing 3D images on this unit, a message will be displayed every 30 minutes.
To turn off the message display, set "3D DISPLAY WARNING" to "OFF". To change the
setting, refer to the Detailed User Guide (Menu Settings -COMMON Menu).
Playing Back on TV
Connect to a TV.
* Refer also to the instruction manual of the TV in use.
e Turn off the camcorder by pressing the _ button for about 2 seconds.
[] Playing back 3D images on a 3D compatible TV (for GZ=HM960)
Ifyou are using a 3D compatible TV, you can play back 3D images by connecting to the
HDMt mini connector.
[] Playing back in HD quality
Ifyou are using an HDTV, you can play back in HD quality by connecting to the HDMI
mini connector.
Connecting to the HDMI connector
HDMI Mini Cable
To HDMI Mini Connector
HDMI Connector Input}
Connecting to the COMPONENT connector
To COMPONENT Connector
Cable (Optional)
Video Input
_, CR/PR
__ _ Audio Input
"_ (L)
, __ Audio Input
,AVCable _ _ "_ (R)
*_o n_ne--_he yellow plug
To AV Connector when using component cable.
For more information, refer to the Detailed User Guide
20 http://manual.jvc.co.jp/index.html/