JVC WR-MG100 Camera Accessories User Manual

In order to use this product safely
Preparation (A Pg. 6)
Check that there is no dirt, cracks, or damage to
the O-ring.
Always apply grease to the O-ring.
Attaching the Marine Case to the Camera
(A Pg. 7, 8)
Make sure that the O-ring is not twisted, and that
you do not forget to attach it.
When tightening the seal, make sure there are
no foreign objects caught in the seal.
Recording the Video/Still Image Files
(A Pg. 8, 9)
Avoid opening and closing the marine case in
the shooting location.
When holding the marine case, lower it gently
into the water.
Detaching the Marine Case/Maintenance
(A Pg. 9, 10, 11)
Always wash the marine case in fresh water
after use.
Perform maintenance on the O-ring.
If water leaks into the case due to careless use of
the marine case, JVC cannot accept responsibility
for any damage that may occur to the internal
equipment and materials (video camera, SD card,
etc.), or any expenses incurred in taking the
photographs/video. Therefore, please be careful
when using the marine case.
Before use, this unit must be pre-
tested to check if there is any water
This marine case is a precision instrument
designed to permit safe video recording under
high water pressure. Please pay careful attention
when handling the unit before and after use, as
explained in this user’s manual.
Each part of the marine case has been subject to
strict controls during the manufacturing process,
and the individual functions have faced stringent
tests during the assembly process. Each marine
case has also had to pass waterproof inspections
using high-pressure water testers. However,
damage can sometimes occur during transport
and distribution, or during storage after purchase,
so before diving always carry out the following
pre-use test to verify safety.
Pre-use test
Be sure to perform the following pre-use test
before diving.
1. Before mounting the camera inside the
marine case, dive with only the empty
marine case and test for water leaks.
Allow 5 or 6 minutes to ensure there are no
Be sure to perform this test to ensure the
safety of your camera.
2. The following are some common causes of
water leaks:
Safety Precaution
Please read before use
A. The marine case is used without attaching
the O-ring.
B. The O-ring is not mounted in the correct
C. The O-ring is damaged or deformed.
D. There is sand, dirt, hair or other foreign
matter on the O-ring.
E. There is sand, dirt, hair or other foreign
matter on the contact surface of the O-ring
or on the inside of the lid.
F. The provided strap or drying agent bag is
pinched inside the marine case when the lid
is closed.
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