JVC WR-MG100 Camera Accessories User Manual

z Be sure to lock the lever after switching the
shooting mode.
z To lock the lever, pull it towards you and
turn it to the right.
z To unlock, pull the lever towards you and
turn to the left.
Press the video recording start/stop button
or the still image lever to start recording.
When you have finished recording, press
and hold the power button for more than 2
seconds to turn off the camera.
z The camera’s power lamp goes out and the
monitor turns off.
If there is a need to detach immediately:
Submerge the marine case in fresh water
and shake the marine case in the upward,
downward, left and right directions for at
least 10 times, followed by rinsing it.
Remove the marine case and wipe off
water droplets on the case surface using a
dry towel.
Face the front glass of the marine case
upwards, and open the buckles to remove
the camera, while paying attention not to
let water droplets at O-ring or buckles
enter the case.
Upon removing the camera, close the
marine case again while paying attention
not to allow water droplets enter the case,
followed by tightening all the buckles.
¹ Always perform maintenance on the
marine case after using. (A Pg. 10)
If there is no need to detach immediately:
Perform maintenance on the marine case.
(A Pg. 10)
Still image lever
Shoot still images.
Video recording start/stop button
Start/stop the video recording.
Detaching the camera
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