Kodak DS KSDMI4GBCSCAD Camera Accessories User Manual

microSDHC Mobile Memory Card
Industry leaders Lexar and Kodak have joined forces to deliver a comprehensive selection of
memory cards in various formats, speeds, and capacities. These cards deliver the brand quality
that Kodak customers have come to expect, and the advanced performance of Lexar memory
card technology.
The KODAK microSDHC Mobile Memory Card is ideal for increasing the
storage capacity of your SDHC-enabled cell phone, PDA, or other mobile
device, allowing you to download, play, and store media and applications
The card is available in 4GB capacity.
Maximize the Capabilities of your Mobile Device
Take Mobile Technology to the Next Level. In the ever-changing world of
mobile technology, you need a memory card that can keep up with the
demands of the latest applications found in today’s feature-rich devices.
The KODAK microSDHC Mobile Memory Card is designed to maximize the
capacity and capabilities of your microSDHC-enabled handheld device. It can
significantly increase your storage capacity for multimedia files, including
songs, photos, video, and more.
Functionality and Compatibility. The KODAK microSDHC
Mobile Memory Card comes with a microSDHC-to-SDHC
adapter for compatibility with SDHC devices. This makes the
card compatible with microSDHC- and SDHC-enabled digital devices, and
maximizes your memory card investment with double the functionality. The
card is backed by the Digital Assurance Promise, which means it’s compatible
with the KODAK EASYSHARE System. You’ll always have answers with
24-hour customer support from Lexar, and you’ll enjoy KODAK quality with a
limited lifetime warranty.
The Best of Both Worlds. Enjoy the combined benefits that KODAK brand
quality and Lexar technology deliver. And you can keep it Kodak by adding the
KODAK microSDHC Mobile Memory Card to your existing line-up of other
trusted KODAK products, while enjoying the advanced, innovative memory
card technology provided by Lexar.
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April 2008
Product Highlights
• Store up to 1,000 songs; 4,494 photos;
or 1,280 minutes of video**
• Works with SDHC-enabled mobile
phones, digital cameras, MP3 players,
PDAs, and more
• Backed by the Digital Assurance Promise
• Compatible with the KODAK
• Limited lifetime warranty and 24-hour
customer support from Lexar
• Includes adapter for use in SDHC devices
Actual capacity available for picture storage will vary and may be less than full megabyte capacity. 1GB equals 1 billion bytes.
**Based on 4GB capacity. 2-megapixel JPEG. 128-kpbs MP3 audio. 389-kpbs MPEG4-SP video. Actual number of photos, songs, and minutes will vary depending on camera/device model, format resolution and
compression, usable capacity, and bundled software.
*microSDHC memory cards are only compatible with devices that support the microSDHC format. Even when a card adapter is used, microSDHC cards are not backwards compatible with standard SD, miniSD, and
microSD devices. Please check with the manufacturer of the host device before using SDHC-compliant cards. Failing to do so may result in the card's failure to operate in the device, card damage, and/or data loss.