Minolta Z3 Camera Lens User Manual

A note about Aperture, Depth of Field, and Field of View
Aperture- a mechanism behind the camera lens similar to the iris of your eye,
opening and closing to adjust the amount of light entering the camera. The aperture
opening also determines the Depth of Field of the image.
Depth of Field- describes the objects in the image which are in focus, in terms of
their distance from the camera. For example, a camera focused at 30m, with a Depth
of Field of 8m, will have objects from 26-34m from the camera in focus. Objects
closer than 26m or further than 34m will start to become blurry.
Field of View- the vertical Field of View (vFOV) of the 0-360 attachment. The 0-360
has a vFOV of 115 degrees, meaning it will “see” from 52.5º above the horizon to 62.5º
below the horizon.
A smaller Aperture opening (higher F-Stop number) allows less light to enter the
camera, but yields a higher Depth of Field. With a high F-Stop, the shutter speed
needs to be slowed down to allow more light (else a dark photo), but will have more
Depth of Field in focus.
A larger Aperture opening (lower F-Stop number) allows more light to enter the
camera, but a lower Depth of Field. This means the shutter speed can be faster, but
fewer objects will be in focus. (With slower shutter speeds, moving objects may
The 0-360 is designed to operate with a camera F-Stop of F8.0 or higher. This
provides a high enough Depth of Field to allow the entire mirror to be in focus. With
lower F-stops, the shutter speed can be increased, but the upper or lower portions
(or both) of the mirror may not be entirely in focus. This means the image far above
or far below the horizon may not be sharply focused. This may not be a problem, as
many times the sky or the ground may not need to be sharply focused.
With the MINOLTA Z1/Z2/Z3, you should be able to get a vFOV of over 110 degrees,
with good focus across the entire image.
For best results, shoot a well-lit scene! With high F-Stops, you need good lighting, or
longer exposure times.
0-360 Panoramic Optic Setup for MINOLTA Z1/Z2/Z3
1) Mount Camera to tripod, securely, with lens pointing vertically.
2) Thread 0-360 Panoramic Optic (with thread adapter) to camera. (Do not overtighten.)
3) Adjust tripod until Optic is vertical (refer to bubble level on top of unit).
4) Turn Power on.
5) Turn top Mode dial to "A" (Aperture Priority).
6) Press 'Menu' button, then use Arrows to set:
Image Size to highest setting (2272x1704 for Z3)
Drive Mode to "Self Timer"
White Balance to "Auto"
Quality to "Fine"
Focus Mode to "Manual"
Sensitivity (ISO) to "100"
7) Press Flash button on top of camera to turn flash off.
8) Adjust Zoom until image of mirror just fills frame from top to bottom:
(NOTE: Depending on your camera's threads, the image may be slightly off-center. This is normal.
A trick is to use a thin piece of paper or tape as a shim (between camera & Optic) to align to center.)
9) Press bottom arrow of Arrow Pad to set MF (Manual Focus) to "0.19m".
10) Press center button of Arrow Pad to set Aperture to "F8.0".
This is your Aperture (F-stop).
11) Press the shutter release. You have 10 seconds to hide!
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Instructions for use with
Please read the Care Instructions on back page.
Quick Start Guide
Care Instructions
Thank you for purchasing the 0-360 Panoramic Optic! With proper care and handling,
the Optic should give you years of service. Here are a few important handling
Do not touch, handle, or polish the mirror! While the mirror does have a protective
coating, touching or rubbing on its surface can cause scratches. Use the dust blower
provided to remove dust before shooting. Use lens cleaning paper or lens cloth only if
absolutely necessary, and rub gently. NEVER use a paper towel or other material to clean.
2) Avoid dropping or mishandling the unit, as it is a sensitive glass optical device.
3) Store the unit in its carrying case when not in use, in an upright position and in a
cool, dry environment.
4) Use care in threading the Optic into your camera, avoiding cross-threading.
The 0-360 Panoramic Optic is warranted against defects in material and workmanship
for a period of one year from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage
caused by accident, abuse, misuse, exposure to the elements, or scratches to the
mirror surface. If a defect in workmanship or material is discovered, 0-360.com will, at
its option, repair or replace the Optic free of charge. Purchaser must first obtain a
Return Authorization from 0-360.com, and return the unit properly packaged and
freight prepaid. 0-360.com's liability is limited to repair or replacement of the Optic
only. This warranty supersedes all other warranties, express or implied.
Not Zoomed in enough! Proper Zoom Zoomed in too far!
'Donut' doesn't fill frame 'Donut' fills frame 'Donut' runs off top & bottom of frame