Pentair Wide Angle Lens Camera Lens User Manual

Lens Assembly Installation Instructions
Read and follow all instructions!
We recommend that all FIBERworks lens assemblies be installed by trained and certified FIBERworks
dealers only.
If you have any questions please call our service hot line, Monday through Friday,
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at (800) 831-7133
Installing the Lens Housing
FIBERworks lens housings are installed the same way water return fittings are installed.
Use only Pentair Pool Products’
FIBERworks lens housings. Other fittings
will not adequately seal conduit from pool
Cut the conduit back as shown in the
adjacent figure. Dimension “a” should be
one inch (1”) for a FIBERworks Standard
Gunite housing, and one and a half inches
(1½”) for a FIBERworks Invisible Gunite
Lens Selection for preOptifused
and Bulk Cable Assemblies
Every lens assembly and preOptifused cable assembly now comes with a standard and wide angle
lens. See lens assembly drawing to identify different lens types. Use the table below to select the
appropriate lens for your application.
Lens PositionLens
Shallow End Deep End All Side Wall Shadow Filler Spa
Standard X
Wide Angle X X X X
Positioning on the pool/spa wall is the same for both lens types. Follow the recommendations in
the Photon Generator Installation and Service Manual for proper lens positioning.
DO NOT use any gel on the wide angle lens. This will inhibit the light dispersion capabilities of
the lens. PreOptifused cable assemblies come with the standard lens and Optifusion gel. Wipe
excess gel off of cable face with a clean cloth before installing the wide angle lens.
A new lens tightening tool with longer pins (p/n 21006500) will be required to install the wide
angle lens.
DO NOT use excessive glue. Excess glue can overflow onto the o-ring sealing surface.
Gunite cutback - 1 ¼”
Plaster surface
To Photon
4 in.