Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

1. From the Setup menu, select the
<System ( )> tab.
2. Click <User>.
3. Provide the necessary user information.
Administrator password change :
Change the password for the
For the security purposes, you are
recommended to use a combination
of numbers, alphabets uppercase and
lowercase and special characters for
your password.
It is recommended to change your
password once every three months.
The password length and limits are shown as follows.
Combination of upper/lowercase letters, numbers and special characters
8 to 10 digits: combine three types
10 to 15 digits: combine two types
Should be different from the ID.
Cannot repeat the same letter, number of special characters more than three times.
Cannot use three consecutive letters (e.g. abc, 123, 321, or ASCII code values in the
sequential increasing or decreasing order)
You cannot use three or more consecutive keyboard inputs for your password.(qwerty,
You cannot use a simple repeating pattern. (abab, 1212)
Special characters that are allowed. : ~`!@#$%^*()_-+=|{}[].?/
After the factory setting, the admin and user passwords are initialized. You need to reset
the password.
When you access the camera web page for the first time or access it after the initialization,
you will be moved to the admin password setting menu.
In this menu, you need to login again with the new password before using the camera web
page menus.
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