Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

To connect to the Samsung DDNS in camera setup
1. From the DDNS setup page, set
<DDNS> to <Samsung DDNS>.
2. Provide the <Product ID> that you
registered product ID with the DDNS
3. Click [Apply (
When the connection is successfully
made, you will see the message of
<(Success)> on the screen.
Configuring public DDNS in Camera Settings
1. Open the DDNS settings page and select <Public DDNS> for <DDNS>.
2. Enter the corresponding site’s host name, user name and password.
3. Click [Apply (
)] button.
If the connection properly establishes, <(Success)> appears.
4. When done, click [Apply (
To use DDNS service properly, both DDNS setup and the router’s port forwarding setup are
For port forwarding setup, refer to “Port Range Forward (Port Mapping) Setup”. (page 52)
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