Sealife SL512 Digital Camera User Manual

Date / Time
Set camera date and time. Format is YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM.
Auto Off
Camera will automatically turn off after 3 minutes of not pushing
any buttons. The Auto Off function can be disabled by selecting
“Auto off: Off” or extended to 5 minutes by selecting “Auto off:
5 min.”
Creates shortcut to one menu setting when pushing menu button
for 2 seconds. Select between Off, Video resolution, Photo size,
Capture mode, Scene mode, White Balance, Exposure Value,
Field of view, Color and ISO.
This will delete all files in the internal memory. It is useful to
format memory if internal memory is corrupted by other files
saved on the camera. It is recommended to format the memory
occasionally to refresh the memory’s folder structure.
Firmware Version
Displays what firmware (software) version is installed on the
camera. SeaLife may occasionally release firmware updates if any
operation and performance enhancements are discovered. Please
check SeaLife website for updates:
VI. Menu Navigation (cont’d)