Sony CCU-TX7P Camera Accessories User Manual

he Sony CCU-TX7P is a compact camera
control unit designed for professional use
as the core of the Sony triax camera
control system for DXC-D30P/D30WSP and
DXC-637P Video Cameras. The CCU-TX7P
has numerous functions to assure operational
convenience and system versatility, as well as
the general benefits of the triax system which
include control over long distances, particularly
important in large systems, and high camera
mobility when using lightweight triax cables.
o suit varying applications, the CCU-TX7P runs on AC or DC (12 volts) power without the need for
an optional unit, and has a compact body (half 19-inch rack-mount size). The unit provides a
variety of video output signals: SDI, composite, Y/C, component and R/G/B, and supports
teleprompter systems and major intercom systems such as 2-wire, 4-wire, Clearcom and RTS. To meet
different needs, the CCU-TX7P also has two inputs for return video and a teleprompter monitor input.
t is easy to set up a triax camera control
system that suits varying applications by
combining the CCU-TX7P with the Sony
COU-TX7 Camera Operation Unit, RCP-TX7
Remote Control Panel and CA-TX7P Camera
Adaptor. This provides benefits such as quick
camera set-up and one-person camera
operation of multiple cameras without
requiring specialist skills.
eature-rich and cost-effective,
the CCU-TX7P broadens the range of
video camera applications, and opens
up a new world of opportunity to the video