Sony DH240 Security Camera User Manual

Operating the Camera
Configuration of Main Viewer
Plug-in free viewer
Main viewer using Plug-in free viewer
Display sample:
Monitor screen
There are two modes for on-screen pan/tilt/zoom
operation using a mouse: Area zoom mode and Vector
dragging mode. A control bar is displayed on the screen.
In the Area zoom mode, clicking will pan or tilt the
camera towards the center of the image. The Area zoom
will move the camera in the direction that displays the
area selected by the operator and zooms in at the same
time. The operator can choose a part of the image to
view and zoom in by surrounding the area with a frame
by dragging the mouse.
In the Vector dragging mode, the camera pans or tilts in
the dragged direction. How long you drag the mouse
determines the speed. Releasing the button on the mouse
after dragging stops the panning or tilting of the camera.
You can also use the tool bar to pan or tilt.
The zoom operation using the mouse wheel is available
in all modes.
Control bar
The following operation buttons are available.
Camera list
The camera list is displayed when Camera list is set to
On in the viewer menu, and at least one camera is
Using Solid PTZ function
You can operate the camera by using the Solid PTZ
function, which provides panning, tilting and zooming
by adjusting the position and zooming ratio from the
maximum image size (1280×720 or 1280×1024
SNC-DH140), 1920×1080 or 1920 ×1440
(page 37)), without moving the camera. There are three
modes of camera operation: Area zoom mode, Vector
dragging mode and PTZ Control bar. You can control
pan/tilt and zoom in either mode.
Camera list
Monitor screen
Control bar
You can set the streaming method, image size,
frame rate, PTZ operation mode, trigger selection
and image codec.
Select a preset position to move the camera to the
registered preset position.
(Displayed only when a camera preset position is
Streaming stop button
Stops streaming. (Appears while streaming.)
Trigger run button
Runs the selected trigger.
(Displayed only when
Viewer mode
(page 69) is set to
, and one or more
triggers are enabled in the
Trigger menu
(page 88).)
Streaming start button
Starts streaming. (Appears while stops streaming.)
Save still image button
Captures still images taken by the camera and saves
them to the computer.
Audio output volume slider
Use the slider to adjust the volume. Clicking the
button will stop sound output.
(Displayed only when ActiveX is set for
Streaming method in Setting, and Audio codec
in the Camera Menu (page 40) is set to On.)
Control waiting time and control time for exclusive
Exclusive control button