Sony EX480CP Camera Accessories User Manual

Basic Functions
When in Auto_ICR_OFF state and WB data is added (default), a
malfunction may occur when the subjects largely consisting of blue
and red colors are taken. Auto ICR is available in AE-full-auto
state only.
Camera ID
The ID can be set up to 65,536 (0000 to FFFF). As this
will be memorized in the nonvolatile memory inside
the camera, data will be saved regardless of whether it
has been backed up.
It consists of the following functions.
Neg. Art: Negative/Positive Reversal
Black White: Monochrome Image
This function turns the video output from the camera
upside down.
Mirror Image
This function reverses the video output from the
camera horizontally.
This function captures an image in the field memory of
the camera so that this image can be output
Because communication inside the camera is based on V
cycle, the captured image is always the one 3V to 4Vs after
the sending of a Command. Thus, you can not specify a time
period after sending EVEN, ODD or a Command.
Memory (Position Preset)
Using the position preset function, 6 sets of camera
shooting conditions can be stored and recalled.
This function allows you to achieve the desired status
instantly even without adjusting the following items
each time:
Zoom Position
Digital Zoom On/Off
Focus Auto/Manual
Focus Position
AE Mode
Shutter control parameters
Bright Control
Iris control parameters
Gain control parameters
Exposure Compensation On/Off
Exposure Level
Backlight Compensation On/Off
Slow Shutter Auto/Manual
White Balance Mode
R/B Gain
ICR Shoot On/Off
Custom Preset
As with the position preset function, the camera
shooting conditions can be stored and recalled. The
settings are recalled when the power is turned on.
For setting items, see the “Initial Settings, Custom Preset
and Backup” section on page 34.
User Memory Area
A user area of 16 bytes allows you to write data, such
as an ID for each customer, data for each system, and
so on, freely.
Rewriting of memory is not unlimited. Be careful to avoid using
the memory area for such as unnecessary tasks as rewriting the
contents of the memory for every operation.
Privacy Zone Settings
For details, see page 14.
For details, see page 18.