Sony EX480CP Camera Accessories User Manual

Basic Functions
Initial Settings, Custom Preset and Backup
Initial settings for the various functions are indicated
in the “Initial settings” column.
The “Custom preset” column indicates whether the
custom preset function can be used to store the
settings. The function enables the stored settings to be
recalled automatically when the camera is turned on.
The “Standby backup” column indicates whether the
data is preserved even when the camera is powered
OFF. A circle “a” in this column signifies that the
data is preserved. A cross “×” signifies that the data
IS NOT preserved.
Mode/Position Initial settings
Custom Standby
preset backup
Zoom Position Wide end aa
D-Zoom On/Off On aa
D-Zoom Separate/Combine Combine aa
D-Zoom Position 00h aa
Focus Position aa
Focus Auto/Manual Auto aa
Near Limit Setting 8000h (29cm) aa
AF Sensitivity Normal aa
AF Mode Normal aa
AF Run Time 5 sec aa
AF Interval 5 sec aa
WB Mode Auto aa
WB Data (Rgain, Bgain) aa
One Push WB Data aa
AE Mode Full Auto aa
Slow Shutter Mode Manual aa
Shutter Position 1/60sec (NTSC), 1/50sec (PAL) aa
Iris Position aa
Gain Position aa
Bright Position aa
Exposure Compensation On/Off Off aa
Exposure Compensation Amount ±0 aa
Backlight On/Off Off aa
Spot AE On/Off Off aa
Spot AE Position Setting X=8, Y=8 aa
Aperture Level 5 aa
LR Reverse On/Off Off aa
Freeze On/Off Off ××
Picture Effect Off aa
ICR On/Off Off aa
Auto ICR On/Off Off aa
Camera Memory Same as the initial value setting aa
Display On/Off Off aa
Mute On/Off Off ××