Sony EX480CP Camera Accessories User Manual

Command List
Responses for Commands and Inquiries
ACK message
Returned by the FCB camera when it receives a
command. No ACK message is returned for
Completion message
Returned by the FCB camera when execution of
commands or inquiries is completed. In the case of
inquiry commands, it will contain reply data for the
inquiry after the 3rd byte of the packet. If the ACK
message is omitted, the socket number will contain
Reply Packet Note
Ack X0 4Y FF Y = socket number
Completion (commands) X0 5Y FF Y = socket number
Completion (Inquiries) X0 5Y ... FF Y = socket number
X = 9 to F: FCB camera address + 8
Error message
When a command or inquiry command could not be
executed or failed, an error message is returned
instead of the completion message.
Error Packet Description
X0 6Y 01 FF Message length error (>14 bytes)
X0 6Y 02 FF Syntax Error
X0 6Y 03 FF Command buffer full
X0 6Y 04 FF Command cancelled
X0 6Y 05 FF No socket (to be cancelled)
X0 6Y 41 FF Command not executable
X = 9 to F: FCB camera address + 8, Y = socket number
Socket Number
When command messages are sent to the FCB camera,
it is normal to send the next command message after
waiting for the completion message or error message
to return. However to deal with advanced uses, the
camera has two buffers (memories) for commands, so
that up to two commands including the commands
currently being executed can be received. When the
camera receives commands, it notifies the sender
which command buffer was used using the socket
number of the ACK message. As the completion
message or error message also has a socket number, it
indicates which command has ended. Even when two
command buffers are being used at any one time, a
camera management command and some inquiry
messages can be executed.
The ACK message is not returned for these commands
and inquiries, and only the completion message of
socket number 0 is returned.
Command Execution Cancel
To cancel a command which has already been sent,
send the Cancel command as the next command. To
cancel one of any two commands which have been
sent, use the cancel message.
Cancel Packet Note
Cancel 8X 2Y FF Y = socket number
X = 1 to 7: FCB camera address, Y = socket number
An error message will be returned for this command,
but this is not a mistake. This message indicates that
the command has been canceled.