Sony HKCU-904 Camera Accessories User Manual

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1-3. Circuit Description
1-3-1. HDCU-900
. AT-141 board
The AT-141 board performs the various controls using the CPU, such as controlling the communication
with the camera head, with the control panel and with the CNU, and the control of the respective circuit
boards inside the CCU.
The AT-141 board also performs the audio signal processing such as the D/A conversion of the MIC
audio signal coming from the camera, the A/D conversion of the PGM signal, the A/D and D/A conver-
sions of the INCOM audio, and the INCOM line switch with the external device. The AT-141 board
also performs interface processing of the TALLY signal.
The AT-141 board has an internal SG circuit for the HD and SD signal, establishes genlock between the
HD and SD, and also genlocks the system with the main reference that is input from the external source.
. PS-587 board
The PS-587 board is the power regulator that supplies +1.5 V and _2.0 V regulated powers that are
used for processing the serial data of the HD and SDI systems.
. RX-53 board
The RX-53 board is the interface board that has the function interface between the HD-SDI optical
signal and the camera head. The RX-53 board also performs the O/E and E/O conversions.
. DPR-163 board
The DPR-163 board interfaces the various signals with the camera head.
As to the HD video signal, it performs the processing of the two HD video channels of both the camera
picture and return picture. The processing includes the phase adjustment using the line memory and
exchange of the clock signal with another desired clock.
The DPR-163 board has a built-in color bar generator and performs the processing of the marker and
skin gate for the monitor.
It also performs embedding of the prompter signal into the signal of the return video signals and the
interface processing with the digital audio system.
. SDI-54A/SDI-82 board
The SDI-54A/SDI-82 board is an interface board for interfacing with the coaxial HD-SDI signal
supplied from external equipment.
It supplies the main line output signal, the monitor output signal and accepts the return (four systems) input,
the main reference input and the prompter input.
. RC-86 board
The RC-86 board performs the SD-conversion processing of the main line system HD signal and also
performs the HD-conversion processing of the SD signal of the return system.
As the interface with external equipment, it performs processing of the component SDI format signal.
The RC-86 board has a built-in color bar generator and a simplified composite encoder. These are used
to generate the composite analog signal for which the marker and skin gate processing has already been
performed, which are the two types used for monitoring.
. DIF-102 board
The DIF-102 board is an interface board used for interfacing the coaxial HD-SDI signal with external
It accepts the SD-SDI main line output and the return (four systems) input, and also supplies the
composite analog output signal to be connected to the picture monitor and has a waveform monitor
control connector.
In addition, it has a SYNC output of one channel that can be switched between HD-SYNC and SD-SYNC.
1-3. Circuit Description