Sony HKCU-904 Camera Accessories User Manual

1-18 (E)
1-11. Notes on Repair Parts
1. Safety Related Components Warning
Components marked ! are critical to safe operation. Therefore, specified parts should be used in the
case of replacement.
2. Standardization of Parts
Some repair parts supplied by Sony differ from those used for the unit. These are because of parts
commonality and improvement.
Parts list has the present standardized repair parts.
3. Stock of Parts
Parts marked with o at SP (Supply Code) column of the spare parts list may not be stocked.
Therefore, the delivery date will be delayed.
4. Harness
Harnesses with no part number are not registered as spare parts.
In need of repair, get components shown in the list and repair using them.
5. Destination Representation
The part indicated For J/UC/CE in the spare parts list is used in the unit written below.
For J : The part is used in a unit for Japan.
For UC : The part is used in a unit for the U.S.A. and Canada.
For CE : The part is used in a unit for regions except the above countries.
1-11. Notes for Repair Parts