Sony HVR-Z1E Camcorder User Manual

HDV 1/3" 3CCD Handheld
Affordable migration to High Definition
Providing HDV with the 1080i Standard and joining the
existing DVCAM range, the HVR-Z1E offers users an af-
fordable migration path from Standard Definition whilst re-
taining the popular DVCAM benefits such as ease of use
and i.LINK (IEEE1394) connectivity. In addition to its com-
pact size, the HVR-Z1E boasts a number of features over
consumer-oriented products making it ideal for the profes-
sional user.
HDV / DVCAM / DV Switchable
Providing professional users with the flexibility to choose
the format that suits the need your production and offer-
ing an easy migration from a Standard Definition
Built-in converter to take HDV images to Stand-
ard Definition
The flexibility to film your footage in HDV and use the
camera’s down-converter to output Standard Definition
pictures if required.
50Hz / 60Hz (PAL / NTSC) Switchable
Allowing you to make your productions on a worldwide
basis, without the need for two separate camcorders with
each standard.
2ch Audio XLR Inputs
The HVR-Z1E offers the recording of audio by providing
both an in-built stereo microphone and XLR inputs for an
external microphone supplying +40V phantom power.
2ch Independent Audio Rec Level Control
Intuitive control of audio recording level is possible with
independent 2-channel dials.
Time Code Preset
Supports professional operation with flexible Time Code
and User settings.
B/W & Colour Switchable Viewfinder
Allowing you to choose either a colour display or Black &
White display on the Viewfinder depending on your
Simultaneous Operation of LCD Panel &
Allowing you greater flexibility to focus shots accurately
via Viewfinder while simultaneously framing images via
the fold-out LCD Panel.
6 Assign Buttons
6 Assign Buttons are prepared to allow you to customise
your camera. 6 frequently used functions including Hyper
Gain, AE Override, White Balance Level for Outdoor, and
Safety Zone Marker can be selected from over 10 avail-
able parameters.
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