Sony MSGC-US10 Camera Accessories User Manual

Before You Begin
If an older version of OpenMG Jukebox is installed
If OpenMG Jukebox Ver.1.x is installed on your computer, go to step 3 and
select [Install OpenMG Jukebox Ver.2.0 and Driver].
The older version of OpenMG Jukebox is uninstalled automatically and
older version songs are automatically upgraded, so you can still enjoy
them with OpenMG Jukebox Ver.2.0.
The message “Remove shared File?” will appear during uninstallation. If you
click [Yes to All], “Are you sure you want to proceed?” will appear. Click [Yes ].
If you do not see the message, click the minimize buttons to try minimizing all
windows to check for the message on the Desk top.
When you start using a new Network Walkman/
Music Clip Player whose supplied CD-ROM is an older
version of OpenMG Jukebox
If you have already installed OpenMG Jukebox 2.0 and then want to add a
Network Walkman/Music Clip Player as a new external device, be sure to
install its driver using the OpenMG Jukebox Ver.2.0 installation CD-ROM
before connecting the new device to your computer.
Select [Install Driver only] in step 3 on page 11, and select your model.
Note that you cannot use the older version (OpenMG Jukebox Ver.1.X)
installation CD-ROM. If you accidentally start installing OpenMG Jukebox
Ver.1.X after installing Ver.2.0, be sure to terminate the installation before
it overwrites the Ver.2.0 software. Otherwise, the registered OpenMG
Jukebox database will be corrupted.
If you need to install an older version software using its CD-ROM after
uninstalling the existing Ver.2.0, make sure to back up the songs by using
OpenMG Jukebox Backup Tool so that you will not loose all the songs registered
in OpenMG Jukebox. For the details about backup, see the online Help of
OpenMG Jukebox.
Note also that you cannot use an older version of OpenMG Jukebox with the
MagicGate Memory Stick Reader/Writer.