Sony MSGC-US10 Camera Accessories User Manual

Enjoying digital music with OpenMG Jukebox
Basic Operations
BEnjoying digital music with OpenMG
About the OpenMG Jukebox software
What you can do with the OpenMG Jukebox
OpenMG Jukebox is a software application that utilizes Sony
Corporation’s copyright protection technology, “OpenMG.”
It allows users to store and play digital music content on the hard disk
drive of a computer. You can transfer (Check-out) digital music contents
from the hard disk to a “MG Memory Stick” for mobile listening.
The OpenMG copyright protection technology enables storage and
playback of music contents while maintaining the holder’s copyrights by
preventing unauthorized distribution.
Two copyright protection technologies* “OpenMG” and “MagicGate”
allow you to enjoy digital music, while maintaining the copyrights of its
The OpenMG compliant software “OpenMG Jukebox,” which is supplied
with your unit enables you to store digital music data on your computer’s
hard drive, transfer and record it on “MG Memory Stick.”
“MG Memory Stick”
Audio CDs
MP3, WAV and
Windows Media
Format files
EMD Services
USB connection
Hard drive of
your computer
(OpenMG Jukebox)
* The copyright protection technology of this unit
conforms to the SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative)