Sony MSGC-US10 Camera Accessories User Manual

Notice for users
On the supplied software
• Copyright laws prohibit reproducing the software or the manual
accompanying it in whole or in part, or renting the software without the
permission of the copyright holder.
• In no event will SONY be liable for any financial damage, or loss of
profits, including claims made by third parties, arising out of the use of
the software supplied with this unit.
• In the event a problem occurs with this software as a result of defective
manufacturing, SONY will replace it.
However, SONY bears no other responsibility.
• The software provided with this unit cannot be used with equipment
other than that which is so designated.
• Please note that, due to continued efforts to improve quality, the
software specifications may be changed without notice.
• Operation of this unit with software other than that provided is not
covered by the warranty.