Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

- 98 -
Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Adjusting the LCD Monitor Brightness
This adjustment adjusts the brightness of the LCD monitor and not the brightness of the recorded image.
Set the mode dial to [ ], [ ] or [ ].
Press the MENU button.
The REC MENU or PLAY MENU is displayed.
You can set the LCD monitor brightness in either of these menus.
Use the or buttons to select [LCD] and press the button.
The image and the LCD menu are displayed.
Use the or buttons to adjust the brightness.
Press the button to darken (–) the LCD monitor, or the button to
lighten (+) the LCD monitor.
The LCD monitor can be adjusted within the range [–5] to [+5].
(Default is 0.)
Press the ENTER button.
This returns the camera to the previous mode.