Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

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Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Separately Sold Accessories
The following items are also available as separately sold items.
Relationship between your camera and accessories
Connecting to Other Devices (page 105)”
For details on these accessories, refer to the Instruction Manual for the accessory you are using. (information
current as of September 1999)
To purchase above accessories within the United States, please visit our website at
and click “Support” tab. You will find “Where to buy” information.
SmartMedia™ (3.3 V)
8MB(PDR-NSM8)/16MB (PDR-SM16)/32MB (PDR-SM32)/64MB (PDR-SM64)
Lithium-ion battery pack (PDR-BT1)
Battery charger (PDR-CG1)
This charger is connected to a household power outlet and
charges the lithium-ion battery pack (PDR-BT1) in a short time
(approx. one hour).
Soft case (PDR-CM5)
This case is for carrying and storing your camera.
Adapter ring (PDR-ARM5)
This adapter is used when you attach a commercially available optical filter to your camera.
Filter attachment: M52 x 0.75 pitch screws