Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

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Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Read these pages first.
Let's get ready to use the PDR-M5.
(P.19 – 37)
Let's learn about basic operation.
First, let's learn about the basic way of using the
Photography (P.42)
Playing Back Photographed Images (P.69)
Erasing Images (P.86)
Zoom Photography (P.47)
Digital Zoom Photography (P.48)
Close-up Photography (P.49)
Photography Using the Self-timer (P.50)
Photography Using the Flash (P.51)
Taking Photographs Continuously (P.54)
Multi Image Photography (Multi Photography) (P.57)
Long Exposure Photography (Bulb Photography) (P.58)
Making Movies (P.59)
Utilizing the various photography modes.
You can choose various photography modes on the
Playing Back Movies
Enlarging Photographed Images
Auto Playback
Playback of Multi Image Pictures
Playing back your photographed images
You can choose various ways of playing back images
on the LCD monitor.
Setting the Image Size and Quality
Manually setting the PDR-M5
Changing the Preset Conditions
Changing the photography settings.
You can change the settings for the image that you are
going to take according to your particular requirements,
location and other conditions.
You can also do this.
The PDR-M5 also has lots of other features.
Displaying a List of Images (P.74)
Erasing All Images at once
Protecting Images
Changing the size of Images
Compressing Images
Copying Images to another SmartMedia™
Changing PDR-M5 camera Settings
Taking and Playing Back Photographs on a TV
Transferring Images
The Function Map
It is suggested that you look at the function map, below before using the PDR-M5.